Day 40 – Sherman’s Pass

Kettle Falls, WA to Omak, WA – 106 miles

Today was my last really high mileage day and was full of some serious climbing.  Crossed the Columbia River right away in the morning and even saw a sign for Canada customs – 28 miles! – oh so close🇨🇦 After getting across the river it was the long grueling trek up Sherman’s Pass, fortunately I had my Civil War audiobook so I could listen to the mans exploits as I climbed his namesake.  4000 feet to the top, down 3000, and 2000 up over another mountain pass.  After all of that early in the day I was already getting tired and saw a subway and went in for a sandwich where the lady informed me today is the day in which the town turns the electricity off.  Strange.  So I continued ahead into the desert. Did you know Washingon has a desert? I did not.  Eventually a Best Western rose over the horizon like a mirage and after another triple digit day (my last I hope) it seemed like as good of a place as any to call it for the day. 

Crossing the Columbia Sunrise on the Columbia Oh Canada, so close Sherman never makes anything easy can you spot Lucy and friends?above the clouds fire damage people are strange into the desert, if you look close you can see snow caps – cascades!Washington Applesthe desert 

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