Day 39 – One Final State 

Sand point, ID to Kettle Falls, WA – 112 miles 

Woke up and got breakfast at the restaurant downstairs at 5 am, the typical French toast, sausage, and bacon load up.   Hit the road across the long bridge across the lake.  Pretty smooth day, nice quiet roads nearly all morning until getting on the highway the last 20 or so.  Did a lot of zoning out listening to an audiobook on US Civil War and chatting with Becca.  One big climb – 2000 ft., that I spent all day giving her a hard time for calling a little hill.  Tomorrow is Sherman’s Pass which looks pretty unrelenting and looks to be my last real long day on the road.  Staying at a little place on the Columbia River which if my memory of Oregon trail serves me right I can just float a raft down to the Pacific on, sounds better than climbing tomorrow’s pass for sure. 

Sunrise on Lake Pend Orielle bike path on bridge that cross part of the lake no “welcome to Washington”, I thought this was better anyways not quiet 49 degrees N view from “Becca hill”town at bottom of climb, chewelahlooks like I’m outnumbered here 

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